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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review

When think about controversial video games, there is one specific title that usually comes to mind. If you haven’t heard about it, you probably aren’t a gamer or have been living on a whole different planet in the last decade. It is the franchise that made moms and dads cry and confiscate game consoles belonging to their children, school teachers explode in anger after seeing kids imitate what they were doing with their on-screen counterparts in real life and TV anchors around the world claim almost unanimously – this game is not for children.

So what’s all the fuss about and does it really justify the miserable reputation? In one word, yes, it certainly does.

Grand Theft Auto as a franchise has been with us in one or another for a couple of decades now. What started as a regular video game download for PC and laptops, and expanded to video game consoles such as playstation and xbox machines, is now a game empire. Actually, today you can download Grand Theft Auto for android and iPhone, and even for most tablets. This review was specifically for the mobile version of GTA, with the basic question in mind – how does it stack compared to the windows pc version, which is probably the most popular one that most of the gamers know and love.

In GTA: San Andreas you play the role of Carl, an ex-con, going back to his hometown to revenge the murder of his mom. The beauty of the game lies in its vastness. It is an open world environment, which means that you can lead the main character in the city, using various forms of transportation or even on foot, and explore buildings and areas at your own free will.

There are various machines to be accomplished which can be seen as a linear storyline, but in general, you can pretty much do what you want in the game: Beat up gangsters, rob stores, hit random people on the street, run over unassuming pedestrians and other things that we won’t mention in this review as they are not pg-13.

The game is so much fun but you have to be ready for a certain degree of moral lenience.  I wouldn’t give this to my son or daughter to play.

The game controls are not super easy to master, especially on the mobile version, however, if you have an external bluetooth controller you can use it and it makes the experience much better.

Graphics wise, you need to remember that it is not a new title, and yet it looks just gorgeous. The animated figures and bloody action all look realistic and yet unrealistic enough to make you still feel like you are in a game.